Your Requirement

You would like to further educate and qualify for your daily work in certain IT topics by participating in courses.

Our Course Offer



The GWDG-Academy offers its services to employees of all institutions of the University of G├Âttingen, the Max Planck Society and scientific institutions that belong to the extended circle of users of the GWDG. Students on the G├Âttingen campus are also among them. Some courses require special knowledge, which is mentioned in the respective course descriptions.


To register for a course, you must first log into the GWDG customer portal with your user name and password. If you belong to the group of authorized users of the GWDG and do not yet have a GWDG account, you can register an Academic Cloud account.

The registration deadline for a course is always seven days before it starts. If places are still available after the registration deadline, registration at short notice is also possible.

The registration procedure may differ for online courses. More detailed information can be found in the respective course description. Some online offers are available at any time and without registration.

Current Info

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, our courses cannot take place in the announced and usual form at the moment. We try to hold the affected courses as far as possible in a suitable online format. Therefore you can still register for our courses as usual. We will inform you as soon as there are news about the respective courses.

Your Advantages

  • Short or introduction courses as well as advanced courses depending on previous knowledge and target groups
  • Highly qualified and experienced speakers
  • In-house courses possible
  • One training PC per participant

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