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The GWDG offers various services for Life Science and Bioinformatics researchers. This course will start with a short description of the currently available services, and then shortly present examples and applications for some of them. Users will have to perform tasks and implement workflows in RStudio and Galaxy. An optional, harder set of tasks will include running alphafold in the SCC to fold proteins, and using Rshiny to generate web apps to showcase your results.

Learning Goal

  • Introduction to general bioinformatics resources at the GWDG, with focus on a couple of short particular examples
  • Rstudio: A web-browser based IDE for the R programming language, used by many bioinformatics programs, as well as a powerful server offered by the GWDG
  • Galaxy: A web-browser based workflow tool in the web browser for common bioinfomratics analysis, hosted on a GWDG server
  • Optional: alphafold and Rshiny: An optional advanced task will include running alphafold in the SCC to fold protein sequences, and an example of setting up a basic Rshiny web application

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  • Experience with terminal usage, as seen in any basic Linux tutorial
  • HPC, R and general Bioinformatics and programming knowledge useful but not required
  • The introduction to HPC course from the GWDG offering would be a good background

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Martin Leandro Paleico


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1. 11.06.2024 09:00 - 16:00 Online (BigBlueButton)